Sweet Heart

What on earth
Would bring such comfort
To my troubled heart?
If not your affectionate warmth

Who then, would have sat by me?
In my times of need and strive
If not your tender touching words
To keep my body and soul together

If not for your tender love
I would definitely
Had gone astray with others
But your love kept me on.

In times of need
I turn to you for succour
In spring through summer
In autumn through winter

The hazy and dusty climate
Of the harmattan breeze
Brings sweet memories
Of the times we spent together

When I am lonely
Your affectionate smiles and jokes
Beams forth as a comet
In my mind, all through these times

How else would I introduce you
to my friends and relatives?
As a pal or a soul mate?
Nothing short of a sweetheart, you are.

As you walk through my neighbourhood
Your elegance still unbeatable
On and off the scene
You’re still an Angel.

Your ever inviting complexion
Ebony and succulent as ever
Reminds me of nothing else
But the Princess of my heart

Still wondering of the ties
That binds us together
If not the true love we share

Once, twice or thrice
I would choose no one else
But the repeated mention of your name
In my mind still evergreen

We would continue to stand
The test of time as we’ve always hoped
Now and always you’d be
The sweetheart of my dream


by Okeke Emmanuel

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