WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Sweet Jamaica

Jamaica, Jamaica! Fly me away so I can feel your sweet embrace once more. How I do long to be in your arms once again to feel your heat up against my body. Fly me away on down to your sweet paradise. I want your lips kissing my cheek, your warm shores wrapped around me, and your sea melting away my pain. I want to stroll along your narrow streets; I want to behold your picture perfect sunsets. I want to lie in your warmth and hold you as I slumber. Make me feel safe and wanted once more.

Jamaica, Jamaica! I said farewell so long ago. I miss you so much now. Sweet is your memory to me. In my solitude, I ponder your memory. So long ago and so far away you are to me. I want to smell your sweet perfume in the air. I want to see your gentleness swaying in a mystical Carribean wind. Gentle are your curves so womanly and majestically. I want to see the sun rise as we are naked to the world. Your gentle rain beckons me back to the place I feel most at home. Home is where the heart is and my heart eternally is with you.

So long ago you left me and life don't seem the same. Take me home to greener pastures, ferny hills, fertile soil, and your fruits abundant. Plant me in your soil and relieve my pent-up frustrations once again even if it's only for a brief moment's pleasure. Let me run my hands aside your sandy shores. Let me play in your fields of exciting delight. Allow me to return to the place of my birth. Let me taste your fruit once more before I lay all my burdens behind me. Fulfill me for the last time as I walk alone in the shadows of my own mortality.

Jamaica, Jamaica! How it saddens me not to be with you anymore. My heart screams for you day and night, you possess my dreams, and you are the keeper of my soul. Your curvy roads set my soul afire. The sandy mound you possess I want to climb again. Let me swim in your ocean and recapture my youth. I don't long to be in yesterday. All I want is to live again. Leave me no more unhappy as I am for you. Lonely is the night of my solitude.

Jamaica, Jamaica! You are like a beautiful woman with your long black hair flowing in a mid-summer breeze. Your earth is your tender brown skin pressed gently against mine. Your eyes reflect your torques spirited seas. Your lips are the hibiscus plant. Your voice is the sweet sounds of the hummingbird. Your mouth is the voice of generations past. Your body so perfectly curvaceous that sets the sun ablaze. You are the soul that makes much lose control of their faculties.

Let me get lost in your arms once more for old time sake. Jamaica it is so true that I love you. What more can I ever hope for? From once I came shall I return to thee. The closer I want to be. Closer and closer to thee shall I ever be. Your perfume wraps in me in your ascents. Fly me away so I can come on down.

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