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Sweet La-La-Bye

Sweet La-la-bye whispered in my ear
Comforting me through my worst fear
Making my body feel at ease
Crying tears that no one else sees
Sweet La-la-bye make my thoughts disappear
Making all things show up clear
Why do you make me feel pushed aside
Thinking of you makes my thoughts collide
Sweet La-la-bye guide me straight
Please don’t tell me that it is to late
I feel the chill right to my bone
I hate to say it but I like to be alone
Sweet La-la-bye seem so simple
Id kill to see you smile and show you dimple
I cant help but think there is something to explore
This feeling for you isn’t something I can ignore
Sweet La-la-bye make me want to believe
But is it pain and hurt that I will receive
I cry so much it is like to an extreme
Is this a nightmare or a sweet dream?
Sweet La-la-bye makes me fall fast asleep
The dreams come from inside deep
No more listening to your lies
Sweet La-la-bye allow me to rest my eyes...

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Has a lulling quality though i couldn't decide whether i liked sweet la-la bye or perhaps added an extra bye. Anyway, is that sposed to be 'late' in line 10?