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Unable Are The Loved To Die
(July 19 1983 / )

Unable Are The Loved To Die

Poem By Emily Dickinson

Sweet lady so beautiful and divine
I wish you were here to hold
and wrap up with to keep warm.
It's warm outside tonight
but I feel cold here alone in my room
and wish you were here with me lying in bed.
Warming up each others souls in each others arms.
My sweet lady Kira please come so very soon.

Sweet lady I'm so very tired
and I'm all alone.
Come snuggle with me oh so close
sharing soft and tender kisses feeling very warm.
My sweet beautiful woman I so adore,
come be with me so I can hold you close
caress your cheek and gently stroke your hair.
You can rub my head and face while we relax in peace.
My sweet lady oh so fair come soon and be with me.
I love you Kira you are my one and I adore you so,
come so I can hold you close and be with you again.

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