Sweet Love

If I could hear your inner thoughts,
I'd probably use a violin to play that song.
Dreaming dreams of happy tales,
inviting Angels to come and sing along.

If I could touch you though you're so far away,
I would embrace you long both night and day.
Whispers, yes whispers, my voice would share,
sweet nothings will come from everywhere.

If I could feel that tranquil peace,
I know my inhibitions would soon release.
You are the golden star within my mind,
what I will do for you is simply divine.

Come sweet love to my awaiting arms,
come and teach me your ecstasy.
I long to feel your warmth and see your glow,
and allow you to ravish me so very slow.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: June 25/2015

by Melvina Germain

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