Sweet Love Of Mine

Sweet love of mine so divine
I want you here to hold
so I can release all inside,
so I can hold you too
as you let go to me.
Sweet love of mine
I long for you and want
to hold you near,
giving kisses sweet and dear,
being near my wholesome Queen,
I miss you dear and want you here.

Sweet sweet love of mine
I'm truly so very tired
and want you to come cuddle with me.
Drift away on this lonesome night,
feeling calm and peace inside
with my Angel by my side.
Sweet love of mine and my everything
I long for you and want to
spend each day and night within your arms,
right next to the only woman I'll ever love.
Sweet love of mine join me now
and we'll fall asleep in each others arms.

by Michael P. McParland

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