Sweet Mary - Sweet Laurie

Mary, born a little pre
had some trouble breathing,
also, nightly she would pee
and she screamed while teething.

In the private school she met
Laurie from Chicago
Laurie wore a silver net
loved old Doc Tshivago.

Laurie was a trifle sweet
had no use for men,
got just formula to eat
though she rated ten.

Missed the milk that Nature makes,
which was one good reason
to demand those frequent breaks
during hunting season.

Meaning, puberty and all
girls are searching daily
Laurie who was rather tall
laughed and smiled so gaily,

when they had the prom that year
Laurie tasted Mary,
and she dumped, (for good I fear)
Polish boy named Harry.

Harry had, (he was quite mad)
followed Mary over,
Harry's uncle told the lad
(was an Aussie drover) ,

get your hands on any bird
never pay no mind,
what she says, and take my word
grab her from behind.

Harry tried and was rebuffed
Laurie was to smitten!
Harry pouted, Harry huffed
from the lovebug bitten.

In the flat on 69
girls were reminiscin'
after some cheap Gallo wine
they were gently kissin'.

Later on, when Laurie woke
Mary said I reckon,
you are better than a bloke
all they want is neckin'.

If we practice, Laury said
try manipulation,
here in our Kingsize bed
we may get lactation.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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