Sweet&Mdash;You Forgot&Mdash;But I Remembered


Sweet—You forgot—but I remembered
Every time—for Two—
So that the Sum be never hindered
Through Decay of You—

Say if I erred? Accuse my Farthings—
Blame the little Hand
Happy it be for You—a Beggar's—
Seeking More—to spend—

Just to be Rich—to waste my Guineas
On so Best a Heart—
Just to be Poor—for Barefoot Vision
You—Sweet—Shut me out—

by Emily Dickinson

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A love remembered, a memory of two now held by one. He knows his thoughts are never to be returned as they are sent into the night's endless sky. These feelings are racing with other thoughts that others have put his name to. I want to reach out and touch those of my past, those who should have stayed close over these scattered years. Age