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Sweet Melody
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Sweet Melody

Poem By Theany Ouy

Beyond the horizon,
A new love begins.
Remedy of a sweet melody..
One heart sings.

A tune of grace,
Our heart dances..
To the rhythm of our souls
With every moment of our chances.

It feels like heaven,
A love so true..
An endless world
Made just for me and you.

The tune continues,
As we embrace.
Leaving memories that will last,
For our children to trace.

Now the world is in our hands,
As our hearts become one.
A promise for life,
My commitment has begun.

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Love Waits Beyond The Horizon over dreamscape horizon in the land of new possibilities where we can create new lives where anything can happen if we will it into being realities landscape seascape skies clouds we are free to choose the pattern love laughter can rain down from skies all hearts can dance sing sweet melodies Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'Sweet Melody' by the poet Theany Ouy. Dedicated to the poet Theany Ouy.
'Beyond the horizon, A new love begins.' over the horizon, in the land of new possibilities, where we can create new lives, where anything can happen, if we will it into being
just as rain dried in the middle of the night, your pen capture the moist of the wisdom i felt, a wonderful poem i ever read...God bless a 10/10
Love is here going to be reared in the garden of innocence.Ecstasy is its fundamental mood.Loved.Another 10.
beautiful write...filled with hope and emotion....blessings