Sweet November

Beautiful rain drops pouring down, and the sweetest whisper as the breeze comes down.
Morning heaven is awake again and smiling down to let the world rise again.
Lovely tree tops all around and the leaves that fall to the hollow ground.
Sweet November full of grace now comes the time for the world to take shape,
To refresh its love in the creatures at heart and to remind us that nature will forever do her part.

Look outside your door on that cold winter day and remember the view is all we can take.
She takes her hand and creates such life and continues while we sleep and close our eyes at night.

She watches us all and gives us our life and brings forth the morning sun to make sure we rise.
Then in springtime, she starts again and brings forth such beauty you wonder were she begins.

Sweet November I call to thee and forever cherish the beauty I see,
Sweet November you are beauty at heart just keep on going and I'll always see your true heart.

by Rachel Fogle

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