Sweet Perfume

A taste of you is an invitation to intoxication
You are tingly like alcohol
There is a bit of an extra touch
An added time to your creation
The creator was never in some hurry
Everything about you is perfect
You smell like a perfume
A sweet perfume
The fragrance is very strong
Very appealing and satisfying
Irresistible and compelling
You are the love I have been waiting for
I am getting intoxicated
But not being drinking alcohol
Your fragrance has enclosed me like an envelope

Olaniyi G.Akanji
© 2015

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

Comments (2)

Love is like a sweet perfume. Nice thought and good word flow.Thanks for sharing
love compared.....this means there's an addiction: love addiction...love is addictive...good one there friend..God bless you