(June 29,1949 / Florala, Alabama USA)

Sweet Revenge

When I'm old and gray
I'll look and see you come my way.
I'll see the doubt and some surprise
Within your tired and hurting eyes.

I'll give you bread and time to think
A place to rest, and wine to drink,
Songs to sing and by and by
Love will return, within your eyes.

You'll want to know if love or hate
Had brought you here, or chance or fate
You'll ask if I am not the one
Who once was lost and so undone.

But wisdom came and nurtured me
And sat me here beneath this tree
To watch the damned go passing by
To watch the damned and say goodbye.

Now here I am talking to you
Discerning you, spirit too
Warmed by the words, by what they mean
And hear the damned begin to scream

by Gary Revel

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