I Know That You Don'T Feel For Me

I know that you don't feel for me
The way I feel for you.
We're good friends, I value that,
There's nothing you need do.

But as a friend I need to tell you
What is in my heart.
An unsaid truth is like a wall,
Keeping us apart.

My love for you will go nowhere,
Will just remain with me.
I'll hold it in my quiet arms
And feel it constantly.

by susan brealey

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Please note that this is my translation of the poem, not the original version by William Dunbar.
Ah! ! ! ! Isn't that sweet? He's comparing the lady to the lilies and roses in her garden. We all know that lilies and roses are symbols for beauty and virtue. So the poet is extolling the beauty and virtue of the woman he loves, right? And all the women readers jump up and yell NO. Ha! We recognize this for what it is. Sure enough. He starts complaining that there is no rue in her garden. Rue- symbol for pity, mercy, compassion. So now he is whining that she lacks compassion- she's one cold-hearted fish. Why? Cuz she's not proving her compassion by sleeping with him. In the final stanza, he's telling all and sundry that a cold spell has killed their love but he's still wanting to plant a root again. ARGH! These old classic writers are really slippery fellers. They can write these courtly love poems that just cozy up to a woman's heart- -all that passionate/flattering/loving/erotic/ spiritual flowery stuff but we notice the erotic stuff embedded in it.
First sonnet I've ever seen with fifteen lines!
Into your garden, today, I followed you; there I saw flowers of freshest hue, Nicely written.
great poem! ...on the scorching effect of the heat in the month of March. Oh March! You month of March that blaze my orchard and leave them dry and pale and sad... How wicked you are!
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