(13) Principle Tested

Poem By Lubna S. Khan

I'm inside out with my feelings
I'm outside in when I sing,
It seems that
at the moment
I can't do anything
So I dream that I'm a pretty princess
But the boys all play so dumb
It seems that
at the moment
I am only thumbs.
It's like my body
Has been mistreated
Set free by the self that I was
Waiting for a prince ignoring
Both the reason's
And the cause
But, there is time enough for princes,
Time to wait till it's through,
So I'll fix myself up all nice and pretty,
And do what I always do:
I'll wait and surely he will find me
A prince charming for my throne
My life will be all wine and roses,
The minute after I am grown.
I'm drowning here, just turned sixteen,
It's so lonely living life,
Dreaming of my prince to be
Long just to be a wife,
I just hate the way I'm looking
This could be my final song.
Can't wait for my prince forever,
Already it has been too long.
Life has a way of happy bouncing,
Besides, the beauty is inside,
Let men decide upon the wrapping,
I don't have to run and hide
Life for me has been a struggle
now I'm really getting old
sixteen is when a girl should marry
At least that's what I've been told
That’s so silly you have years yet
I cannot change so I won't fret,
Love will see MY inner beauty and
A prince will love my outsides yet!

Sandra Osborne and Janice M PIckett
from the collection 'The Pendulum Swings'

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