VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Sweet Sixteen

the days when everything looked beautiful!
Girls were angels!
Gift shops were our temple!
Love was our religion!
It was sweet sixteen!

We rose before the sun!
We slept after the moon!
music became the air we breathed!
Bicycles were our Mercedes!
It was sweet sixteen!

Break the rules was our only law!
Days we wrote poems In exams!
Adventures were our daily routine!
We lost hours under the shades of trees!
That was sweet sixteen!

First love, first kiss!
Those were the days we truly miss!
True tears, long lasted pain!
Lonely walks in the rain!
It was sweet sixteen!

The best of friends we always loved!
The days that we truly lived!
Moments that haunts our nights!
Memories that brings everlasting smiles n tears!
It was sweet sixteen!

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