(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Sweet So I Can Have Peace

I feel terrible, the story I'm reading keeps me in suspense
because it does not make any sense, the unhappiness of
the characters suffering terrible passion and despair gives
me a headache, I don't believe anyone could be so upset
without falling ill; authors always give their characters too
much to bear, I cannot imagine so much intrigue in reality
without complete physical collapse

I make things charming and sweet so I can have peace yet
still take note of what others do to break the boredom of an
ideal existence, too much safety is just as bad as too much
pain, though I am fanatically opposed to suffering, the result
is that we are enriched by the wisdom it brings and the new
perspective that grows out of it makes me see the interesting
world in a different way, variety is

The spice of life - for me - in any case…

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