Sweet Somethings

Chocolate eclaire
Creamy, dreamy confection -
Indulge if you dare!

Strawberry shortcake
Smothered high with whipping cream -
Negates my sport shake.

Chocolate covered ants -
Exotic delicacy
(Not those in your pants) !

Bubbling hot spiced wine
Slowly seeps into your brain -
Makes you feel just fine!

Midnight PH friend
Tops my list of sweetest things -
With writings well-penned.

by Linda Ori

Comments (1)

I'LL BE RIGHT BACK, , MIDNIGHT, I'M STARVING...NEED A SNACK! Woooooosh! Ya think you got in enough pictorials here? ! lol! A W E S O M E PIECE, LINDA.......A BLUE-PLATE SPECIAL! '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FJR