Sweet Sorrow

Poem By Terry Donovan

You look as though you're in a restful sleep,
Serene, content and in a world of dreams.
And I don't know if I should smile or weep
For death should be much sadder than it seems.
I don't know if you know that you have gone
I only know to me that you're still here
And life has left yet somehow life lives on.
Behind those eyelids are there signs of cheer?
And has your spirit gone where spirits go,
To where you always knew that it would end
But left you with a smile so we will know
We've lost a body, haven't lost a friend?
And do you see a rainbow from on high
While I smile through the tears that I must cry?

Comments about Sweet Sorrow

Wow. this is mighty powerful stuff, well done
The last line says it for this reader. Top class.

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