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The Mist Of Self-Doubt
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The Mist Of Self-Doubt

i see the mist
shrouding everything in view
the road, the hills
all flimy and gauzy
made me wonder
and ask another
do you see what I see
but they do not see the hazy grey
for them its nature hiding behind a veil
a revelation came to mind
is it my internal view?
my inner feelings being hidden
my inner restlessness
blocking and creating this haze
my heart pains to acknowledge this truth
my mind valiantly trying to protect
the Guru who lives in my soul
gently chides and says
I am here with you
everywhere and always
why do you hate yourself so
I love you and you are mine
clear your eyes from this tears
you will see the beauty
as I see you

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Not very original. This is re-hash but I do not know your age. Introduce yourself if you want mercy. H