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It is certainly time I told you again just how much I love you.
This life we are living has been such a good life.
A life I never could have even considered before you.
A life you have made come alive with your love.
This world you have given me is such a good world.
A world where everything is so beautiful.
The days are all so bright with their love.
The colors are so much more colorful.
There have been times I know when I forgot to
mention this love. Overlooked how much you have
given me.Took for granted your kindness and beauty.
This letter is to let you know that I do love you.A
love that only you could bring from me.
A love you give me so honest and true.
Today is the day I fall in love with you all over again.
As I do daily. Today is the day I remind you

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Not very original. This is re-hash but I do not know your age. Introduce yourself if you want mercy. H