Sweetest Girl

You’re the sweetest girl I ever met
Beautiful eyes like a rising sunset
A face as stunning as an angels glow
Her elegant heart as pure as her soul
A smile that could cheer up a sad man
Gentle hands there to help you stand
Angelic feathers fall whenever she goes
She’s a holy angel that has a cute nose
Long hair shining like the moon light
Her voice displays rhythm and might
A body that has committed no crimes
Reminisces of the sad and happy times
Never lets the world around get her down
She never lets her a smile turn into a frown
She might not be the greatest girl out there yet
But she still remains the sweetest girl I ever met

by sam, corrupt S, finley

Comments (3)

Your poem is so sweet, but it's written wrong, you atarted with you, then you mixed up caling her, it has to remain you, or her, choice one
this is a sweet poem i like the second line MC
hey u send this poem to before well any ways i love it.