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! Sweetest Sin

On skimpy see-through gown,
Dressed in fashion; wraps to moonlit passion,
to play the sweetest surrender of one’s flesh………
to grow beyond the desires of sexual fantasies………
on his maleness she served utmost sexual ecstasy,
became a slave to taste the rewards of the sweetest sin.


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sex is desire in both man and woman.....may be sweet unless unhurting and with no sinful intention.....
became a slave to taste the rewards of the sweetest is thoughts of differentschool and onemust rememebr inlife that it is biggest moment in life whenu sharethe sentiments withfull ishappiest momentandhas God's blessings too..onemust take it as sacred happening to read ur creation as it tastes nice in thought.....10
Sexualy lustful, yet short and tactful.
I like this because it keep my mind thinking i think this poem is nice because you didnt explain the poem fully leaving lots of room to ponder I love this
lol I can't think of anything sweeter to do! Any tips? Not wanting to overdose however, so please be subliminal, just like this fine piece of erotic mastery. Love the title and great name too. Smiling at you Tai