*~save Our Earth~*

Have you ever taken the time
To see what was around you?
Taken the opportunity
To gaze at every little detail of your surroundings?
Or have you closed your eyes stubbornly
Because you prefer to be blind?
In the truth
You don't want to admit that our precious earth
Is falling apart
It's beautiful skirts of grass
Is dying
It's garden of stunning plants
Is running out of air
And us,
Us, the ones who made it this way
Will one day perish into a dark hole
In a way,
We are all selfish murderers
Killing the sol we walk upon
With our trash and disgrace, our ungratefulness
Slowly it shall fade
Slowly we shall perish
Save the earth
Save our hearts and souls
Or forever be lost
In a pit of death and regret
Save our home
Save our air
Save our lives

by Jessica Robert

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