Sweetie. I Love You.

You may not know
Just how much you mean
But to many people you are the world
You are so cared for
Especially from me
You will never know how much I care
You will never understand
How much you mean to me.
People will point and laugh
Ask me why I care
My response will always be
Because I love him
If they ask why. I can restate everything funny
Anything you said that made me
Love you more
I’ve heard a saying
It goes like this
“I love you today but that’s nothing compared
To tomorrow”
That saying has always meant a lot to me.
Even after all this. You still have
No idea how much I care for you
There isn’t enough words in the world
To explain how much you mean to me
don’t be like the others
don’t break my heart.
by i write what i feel

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