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Sweetly Summer Is
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Sweetly Summer Is

Poem By Fallen Too Far

feel the air.
it is so warm and soft, like a hug.
you cannot escape it, and the truth?
you'd rather not,
especially after the long winter.

and believe me, it was long.
too long.

in the hug [above]
you are drowsy,
and your bed be a welcome place
and as you fall,
not off of a cliff,
not to your death,
not out of love,
but to sweetly dream
you hear the resounding melody of cicadas
and crickets

a harmony so vivacious and yearning
so subtle in it's voice
lulling you to sleep

and everything's okay
because it is still two months before
the whole earth dies

[for winter, can be very dead]

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Comments (2)

marvelous. i can feel the summer flowing through even in this cold air-conditioned room.
Excellent poem! I really like it. The title is cool too. (That being said, I think for the very last line you should change deadish into dead.) Then again, what do I know! Nice write.