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sweetness Of Desire

Sweetness of Desire

I have a fire in my heart, I have fever in my brain,
if I can't find some release, I might just go insane,
I cannot tell my feelings, you will not let me say,
how much I need your touch, more and more each day

my words just want to tumble, fall freely from my tongue,
a burning flame inside me now, just like when I was young,
your sweetness is a mystery, I know nothing of it's feel,
imagination is all I have, I cannot know for real

when I try to tell you, the warmness kept inside,
you say “hush” to me, turn your face and hide,
this pacing animal left inside, rearing on hind legs,
flying mane in the breeze, understanding is what it begs

for the beast is really human, made of flesh and bone,
wanting the touch of skin, wanting to hear the moan,
of gratifying song of love, would be music to his ears,
echoing into the dark, unleashing all the fears

if words or actions cannot be used, how will the idea live,
how can the the love stay kindled, if not allowed to give,
will it wither on the vine, scorched by the eternal fire,
how just once I'd love to feel, your sweetness of desire

Gomer LePoet...

by Gomer LePoet

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beautiful...i emphasize totally! ! very touching