~*sweetness Of Love.... 3

Smiles in the summer..
fall, including the winter..
she is my little twinkle in the sky..

Not a human species can compare to my baby girl..
she is all and everything..
smiles and wonders..
sweet and tender..
that voice gives a natural high..
keeping me floating on clouds..

She pure to the soul..
except for those night... ** ya know...
but what can I say? ?
She is perfect in her own little way..

She one angel..
but got a little devil.. when released..
Oh Lord..
Bring it on,
I'll lose control..

She knows me so well..
just by lookin at me.. she'll know all of my mysteries...
and secrets that has yet to be told..

Love love love...
thats what it is...

by Dislocated Heart

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