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RG (March,31st 1977 / Monrovia, Liberia)


Poem By Reginald Goodridge

Revved and ready for demon chasing
bright pink finish, smoothed, un-scathing
leather clad, and fiercely black interior
loud pronounced horn, infecting inferiors

something very cruel about your speed
right angles handled, why brake, no need
over the paths, faster on pavement
gripping wet streets, hydroplaning irrelevant

jetting from here, immediately there
your curves are impressive, small glimpse turned stare
awe inspired and moving through time
many have tried, almost none have survived

your a machine, wrecking all that oppose
thorough devil you are, sheet metal your clothes
hard and cold, smoother wet
you'll never yield for signs; danger! Won't fret.

oh how you consume, as you va-roooom
past us mortals, your shiny, you loom
captivated, I won't be, -no more
for I placed tacks on your highway, ironed ore

to stop you, I will, no longer your prey
and destroy your dipping, your diving, your sway
you swerve, you tease, you tantalizing me(s)
no longer, I've controlled you, from the curb, I am relieved.

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