Swift And Decisive

Swift and decisive you can be sure that will be the Day of The Lord,
Just and complete will be the Lord with the destruction of His Sword.
For two millennia by scores of men The Lord Jesus has been ignored,
All who opposed The Lord will be consumed when His Wrath is poured.

Bold and arrogant fools they are, as they say there's no God at all,
But to hide from His face they shall ask the rocks to on them fall,
Living defiantly independent they went through life proud and tall,
But when they see God they'll know that they're actually very small.

They loved man's wisdom choosing science or philosophy as their god,
Not only will they meet my God, but they'll be punished by His Rod.
Facing damnation they will look back every where their feet had trod,
They'll know now Christ is Lord, confessing with sorrow as they nod.

Christ will validate in everyone's mind the very reason He was sent,
This will include for all to see, His long awaited Day of Judgment.
And with His bowl of wrath well filled Jesus will not at all relent,
And His Judgment will continue until His Righteous Wrath is spent.

But those who put their trust in Christ are not under condemnation,
For those waiting He comes again to offer them His Great Salvation.
And though the world will be destroyed during the Great Tribulation,
There will be multitudes saved out of every tongue, tribe and nation.

by Bob Gotti

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