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Evidence- Csi

One so true, Words of Gil Grissom
A criminalist from a CBS Crime Drama
called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
This Character Inspired me!

He once said:
a great quotation from The Great
John Webster
'Death Hath A Thousand Doors to Let out life'

He once said in the Pilot Episode:
to Mr Warrick Brown, A CSI On
His own team:
'Forget About the Assumptions,
Forget about the Husband, Warrick
Forget about your Promotion, t
hese things will only confuse you,
conscentrate on the one thing that cannot lie:
The Evidence'

These great words of a true CSI
Inspired me to go for forensics myself!

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Drawn to capture the Hearts of princesses Of princesses.......Wish i could be a prince Well done and well formulated.... Danke Schoen for sharing.10++++
wonderful use of imagination on a piece of chandliers...you take the readers beyond seas and mountains along with you to some ancient times good piece...10
wonderful surrealistic poem, lovely to read..
In a land where glass Is precious and pure These two lines bring soul to your poem.....World of Imagination so tender and so pure Good Job
a professionally written poem with meaningful idea..i really enjoyed it alot..well written//like the way you wrote..really a sweet poem..thanks for sharing..