All that surrounds me is but a lie
As tears fall from bloodshot eyes
Twisted thoughts fill my head
Hoping soon that I’ll be dead

Peoples false smiles all in sight
Their lies and hatred fill the night
Menacing faces come in to view
I’ve seen through the smoke to the real you.

Your sweet words with your sinister tone
Not only the world, but right at home
Pick you up, to fall again
Another warm hug with a hideous grin

The pain that’s within me grows each day
More and more, not going away
If only I could find a better way
A way out of this, a final escape

The sky turns cloudy, cold and gray
I hear the screams, they want it this way
Screams turn to lullabies, soft and sweet
Rope around my neck, chair under my feet.

Memories flood my stirring mind
Demons at my side, my soul is blind
Take me to a place, beautiful as a dream.
To where pain subsides, as my body swings.

by Joshua Amburn

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