Lil’ Wayne And His Views On Marriage And Education

'First of all, I already know, men would be able to marry however many women they want. School would not be optional. It would be mandatory. Because
(never start with a ‘because)
I do not like unintelligent people – it's a pet peeve.
If you (are) dumb, (then) you (can) not (be) around me. Other than that, did I mention the men would be able to marry women?
(since when?)
Ain't (there is) no limit on that.'

My Pet Peeve is you and others like you.
I filled in all the parenthesis in order to form complete sentence
First of all, try enforcing the kid’s required attendance at school,
----A lot good it did you.
Second of all, try to learn English;
you are dumb ass, (see parentheses)
Third of all you should use birth control,
now more Lil’ Lil’ Waynes.
Did you ever graduate High School?
He dropped out of school at age 14 but later earned his GED.
You indeed put Shakespeare to shame with your urbanic poetry.

If you don’t understand the meaning of this rap then you are not alone.

The first verse of Lil’ Wayne goes something like this:

Ok lil mama had a swagga like mine (go)
She even wore her hair on her back like mine (go)
I make her feel right when its wrong like lyin (go)
Man she never had a luv like mine (yo)
But man I aint never seen (go) a ass like hers (go)
Dat p$#%y in my mouth had (go) me lost for words (go)
So I told her back it up like (go) burp, burp (go)
And I made dat ass jump like jurp, jurp (hauhhhh) -2

You are such a talent! Not!


by Joe Rosochacki

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