Sydney The Kidney

Carolyn depends on you
And because of that many others do too.
She has touched and brightened so many lives
You must make sure that our Carolyn thrives.

So Sidney, bend to your Herculean task
It's something that ‘we the many' ask
And as you've no companion to share the load
It makes yours a long, tough and lonely road.

Please take good care of your precious charge
Her body is small but her heart is so large
That's why we love this mixture of woman and child
So gentle yet strong, beautiful and elegantly styled.

A list of a few of ‘we the many'
Includes Babe, Henry, Phil and Penny
Donna, Elaine and Suzanne
Katherine, EmilyRose and now me, her new fan

So, Sidney, let me say once more
You've got the ball and ‘we the many' implore
Be true to your task whatever you do
For Carolyn depends on you

by Terry Brewer

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