Sylvester In The New Age

It was Sylvester,
the scruffy cat,
who peeked into the Bedroom
of Desire.
It had
not been that long
since that fine day
when one big door
was closed with softness
and some urgency,
trapping the cat,
caught with his tail
remaining motionless.

Yet as the earth
rotated slowly,
again but under laws
of the New Age,
and a new turbulence
had taken hostage
of aptly named
and steamy room
filled with desire,
there was, with little doubt,
a sense of in e vi ta bili ty,
thrust on this earth
the laws and age
of Lestrus, Man of Crete.
That all things
would be following
the cycle of
a universal
and phil-of-logic means
quickly and brutally
reversed, no further notice.
Now in the end,
it ended, tail of cat
name of Sylvester,
being reversed,
due to the cycle
so that reality
was now,
under the user-friendly,
the novel dictates
of pure joy
and of curiosity,
but little reason,
the tail did now appear
outside the bedroom
named desire.
Allowing curious eyes
of tortured cat
much leisurely inspection
and fond appreciation
of goings on
that some would call
unclinical and open propagation.
And nine lives notwithstanding.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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