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Sylvester R.I.P.

From the jaws of my beast (cat)
I rescued you
just in time because
fat Fred meant to eat you!
So tiny
you fit in the palm of my hand
''baby sparrow''
you were shaking
you were more than scared
you were giving up
you were trying to die
when I spoke up
''don't close your eyes,
'common wake up,
try to fight, stay alive''!
you brightened right up
you shat in my hand
then you sat up
perching yourself
my index finger
beginning to trust
this big human
so I sang you
a made up song
and when I looked down
I witnessed your eyes
focused on mine
half disbelieving, I looked away
''You were, just a bird''
so I continued singing,
''Fly, fly, fly like a butterfly''
looking down again
how intently you stared
your eyes were still fixed
they told me everything.
You had never heard
such intricate sounds
from any kind of bird around
a whole new world was
opening up
for the very first time
you were awe struck
I offered you flight
but you just flapped
so I put you upon, the clothes line
you struggled to balance
then managed just fine
sitting high up
watching birds swoop by
you were like them. You felt alive!
It was then, I wondered
if your mother
threw you out of the nest
because you were
weaker then the rest?
Old fat Fred only found you
in the scrub
because you were abandoned
from above.
He's 16 now and most likely
never going to find
another opportunity like this one
in his lifetime
he celebrated, he felt the thrill
his last hurrah, the final triumph
of a full victorious hunt, again
''He's the King'',
''You'' gave him that pride
even though, I stole lunch
from under his eyes.
Now the sun sinks
several hours have passed
on this Saturday 'noon
it's close to dinner
I have to cook
so I took you down
made the finest
bread basket nest around
and put you alongside
an open window to look
and breath air from inside out
But, ever so slowly
you began to fold in
turning your head
under your wing
drifting off
you never returned.
How sad I was
I couldn't save you
then going over
this day
being your last
you experienced something
none of your siblings could ever
you were truly living
you had a blast
you touched our lives
not even knowing
so I burned incense
where you were buried
and today, a flower grew
in the rested spot
where your beauty continues
even when you are

Copyright ©2004

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Comments (3)

A great poem about a cat and a sparrow, good poem aussie REGARDS AJS
nice poem- flows along well and tells an important story :) : O
Adrienne, this is lovely and brings back a tender memory of a similar event, Thank you