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In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad
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In The Bazaars Of Hyderabad

Poem By Sarojini Naidu

Between the lines that lengthen through the day
Oh love, the ghost has dipped her pen in lemon juice
And written messages like magic play,
Silent, invisible muse.

I wet my finger and can feel the way
The wind blows, then I wet the page
And words appear in lines of creamy gray,
Hidden, secrets only you can gauge.

Before the letters dry and fade like day
My eyes have spilled with moisture and I see
The messages that will not die away;
My tears will fertilize the lemon tree.

Linda Hepner

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Comments (4)

Love the metaphors and language in this. Interesting choice of 'fertilize' rather than 'water'. Salty tears, a fertile lie.... a tribute to a poet with a bitter life. -chuck
agreed - beautiful poem, and the last line is one that seems oddly right
ditto, very beautiful and controlled...love the last graceful line!
Oh, how beautiful, Linda. There's nothing more to say Raynette