Champagne Charlie And Gin Lynn

 Champagne Charlie and Gin Lynn 

Walk from the castle abode
 Stroll council roads
Dapper, perfume looms, lip stick wet red slapper

Amount the hills of the slippery eels deals gold lockets 
Feel and slip to Pick pockets
Wallets feel there stocks
Lynn on gin and rocks
Medication conflict 
Charlie throws a fit

Priest on a stick of gold
Two go in hand for young and old
Make the score
Rip rich from a twelve inch bore
Sore heads From cartridges of led 
Charlie and Lynn fled
To the Lying and dying bled.

by Sly LaRk

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I like this poem, it shows me the he wants to learn more about the world then he already knows and he does not want to rest until he knows everything. He is very determined to find out. He wants to see the world more clearly than from what he already knows about it.