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Symbolic Birds
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Symbolic Birds

Poem By AHO Speaks

If you cannot accept difference with honor and grace
Believe it has nothing to do; with the color of someone's face.
At the end of the day the birds still watch, hunt and peck
Creations of God who belong to no particular sect.

The solitary bird riding the elongated feeder
My cat silent with an intent, the bird to murder.
The cat looks for what is not there
Birds have left the tree for they wish not to share.

The day has ended and the world is at peace
The birds have gone and the cat is sound asleep.
Even the physician thinks of love more than me
After listening; he will give an antibiotic you see.

The red bird is back from out of its nest
But this time the female of softness and uniqueness.
What of the birds and does a creator God love them
Of course and they do not have to wait, until when.

The bird does toil for the protection of others
It is a singular effort for giving; from one to another.
10-11-05 Aho Speaks

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