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Symbolism In Union

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Imagined and unseen.

All minds,
Ancient, rusting, rain filled jars of nails,
Shimmering in an open meadow.
Where a knight, in the dull grey armour of fear,
Rides the golden horse;
The stag of a monument,
To Isis, Jesus, to man.

He breaks the jars
With jousts of laughter
As sick as stagnant pond moss;
Tadpoles in a cool tall glass,
Of mothers milk.

The nails fall
Shinning brown and brittle
In the harsh sun,
Oxidizing Green
In the form of a butterfly,
Gliding among the towers;
Among the unbroken, tilted
Jars of hate,
Where no awareness
Seeps into the silt covered glass,
Airtight and stale.

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Do you occasionally check your inbox? Dreams can be enhanced (their recall also) by extra Vitamin B 6. But stay below 200 mg per day (in conjunction with a good multiple vit/min pill) . When you take too much you will have bizarre dreams (good for poetry?)
H - You wouldn't believe them. I actually dreamed about Robert Conrad and the Blacksheep the other night. Boy do I need to write about that!
Like it. I bet you you have good dreams. H