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Symmetry Tide, Domestic

Can't you feel it can't you see it
The decline of prosperity
In our faces but mostly unseen
Afflicting us like a disease
They reject such a useless seed
It's best for all humanity
The spread of culture
The sword of a vulture
Misplaced hope in suffrage
A warm and septic breeze
The duty and vocation
Modern extermination
The vector of eugenics
Is just a bad disease

Prussian tribes acquiescent
And Nazi policies reminiscent
The frightful lack of harmony
Racial hygiene lead the way
Their victims are still here today
Sterilize and then immunize
Neo-family planning authorized
Genetic defects out the door
Forced perfection, numbers soar
Centrally controlled we procreate
A super-class should not be too late
The intervention of eugenics
It's just a bad disease

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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