Sympathized, Not As Wise And Less Entertaining

Everything is up for grabs to be discussed.
People today are so confused,
Few refuse to have any trust.
And false claims made for the purpose,
To undermine and defame others to entertain...
For reasons to gain an attention to receive,
Has left many shocked with their beliefs deceived.

Everything is up for grabs to be discussed.
And those discovered to be disturbed in mind,
Are finding themselves more sympathized...
Not as wise and entertaining,
By the ones who have found them mentally corrupt.
As time reveals a truth no longer concealed.
To leave feelings crushed too difficult to heal.

Lies to tell to know them not facts,
Has left many to wonder 'who' watches their backs.
White folks pretending they are black,
As blacks wanting not to be that attack each other.
Masks to wear for the convenience to charade,
Has left many afraid to self assess and face reality.
Yet kept are excuses made to justify all the madness.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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How True! Madness indeed! Thank you for pointing it out! We should bring the tv set to recycle transform them into bicycles. Truthful entertaning for the eyes and soul is the natural beauty of our earth, given out for free. No manipulations nor lies.