Symphony Divine

Suddenly I turned tongue tied,
entire world outside fell silent.
Roar and shouts, honks n’ hisses,
threats n’ thuds, bangs n’ buzzes,
hangs in suspended animation.

I can hear lone cry of a baby,
deep in my bosom shaking its limbs.
In silence of night, I hear her breathe
I embrace her closer to my heart,
merging in ecstatic emulsions.

Slowly sounds; surface clear inside.
All beings sound in cosmic rhythm.
Non-beings talk in silence so calm.
Songs n’ chirp of birds, roar of animals,
rise divine symphony in my mind.

Wonder of being a being brings smile.
I laugh louder and louder rollicking.
Slowly opens Pandora’s Box of delight,
setting free off to earth, seeds of future.
As I call your name, thousands resonate.

by Satheesan Rangorath

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