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Maybe they're with simple soul
- and they're somewhat
Maybe a high spirited soul
- and of something what

Maybe within their brilliant minds
- they have a good concepts
Maybe deep from their minds
- they write with kind of wisdom concepts

Maybe though they're not famous
- but what they wrote touched one's heart
Maybe when they die, their poems can be famous
- as it was written deep from their heart

Maybe they will not know, by their soul
- they had written with impact to the readers
Maybe they had left behind a legacy - from a simple Poet's soul
- of what had written was ensnared by the heart of the readers

Ency Bearis
20116 All right reserved

by Ency Bearis

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A soulful writing! Soul is mysterious yet knows all! Whether a simple soul or a high spirited soul, souls are considered to be pure and flawless.The poetic soul is sensitive and emotional! A fine poem Ency! Enjoyed reading it. Giving you a full vote.