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ZB Zen Bojczuk ( / Philadelphia, PA. USA)


We are definitely out of sync.
Rather obvious. Don't you think?
My bumbling actions were a fright.
You move left, as I move right.

There is a rhythm to the Universe.
Even stars move with poetic verse.
But not you and I - thats our plight.
You move left, as I move right.

To hurt you - That would be insane!
Yet all I touched...a wound became.
Even though I try with all my might.
You move left, as I move right.

I always am some moments behind.
Right words.. Right actions I can't find.
So we part.. yet, linger just out of sight.
You move left, as I move right.

Some day …in perfect step we will be
When you slow dance with me.
Timeless dance in endless delight.
You move to your left, as I move to my right
And we move as one.

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Comments (7)

Lovely write on the ups and downs of love, or a relationship, at least if I can recall.. This is beautiful and as always, I'm late to the table.............marci.xo
Simply stunning. So much said, so eloquently and elegantly.. t x
Nice one Zen! So true, how when we want for something that feels right that the laws of the universe seem to defy...'tis the nature of love I'd say ;)
Not always in harmony but in melody of the heart... well done!
I like this poem...it's like the gps of love...the awkwardness between two people who care, but can't quite overcome the barrier between them. Sometimes being slightly out of sink is not always such a bad thing....fly in the face of adversity. Hugs, Dee
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