Synthetic Society

Poem By Jeffrey A. Swim

Moving through. Multilevel astro mind exploration.
Into the vortex of multifacet mental black hole of non-comprehension.

Traveling to the ports of nowhere. Stopping only to ignore.
Reaching great speed of stationary travel.

Unknown recognition of what is never seen.

I see a friend who recognizes me, both knowing we've never met.
In an instant we vanish into opaque geometric outlines that can't be seen.

It makes no sense at all.

I am in complete confusion of what I understand all to well.
Anti material explosion destroying everything so completely
nothing stands before us, except all that was.

I exist on a mountain that doesn't.
Looking down on all I see that isn't there.

Instantaneously materializing in a city light years ahead and behind.

Glistening steel mechanical robots of human flesh.

I feel...

Plastic environment of non-existence.
Walking without motor function.

Stepping into another form of non motion
I take a seat in an overcrowded vehicle.

Surrounded by no one.

The door closes with a sound of intense vacuum
sealing out the light allowing me to see.

Low power indicator illuminated in my eye.
Shutdown eminent.

My mind goes blank.

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This is a story of sadness. A story of pain in a beautiful form. The story of a world in which we are born. We birth ourselves to knowledge without understanding. We birth ourselves to love with the promise of serenity. Only what comes before us we don’t always want to see.