(24 June 1842 - 26 December 1913 / Horse Cave Creek, Ohio)

They Can Make Hell!

The drunkard's eyes blur,
Rapes daughter like a cur
All females equal, never defer
Life becomes an infernal!

Hearts bleed, values flee
Drugs instill all the glee
Gilted smile a fake gleam
Glean the good to improve.

Life a torture for the weak,
A gleaming face cheat
Poison the savory cut let
Purity is a dream remote.

The craze for wealth, for mirth
For crude selfish sinful depth,
Man leaps to a whirl of life,
A perpetual hell is life.

Mavericks prick and ruin,
Evil flows and flows free,
Riotous emotions shower
Up-hill streams froth, laugh
Carry muck and slime
Aimed at land of salvation,
Despite efforts no gain

Screeching beetles, scissor-cut leaves
Challenge life, then the plant fades!

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