…. T E R C E S…. E H T ….

From thousand miles away my mother’s voice on the other line
Excited about something really amazing: “THE SECRET”
- My daughter you must read it, you must see it! It is Amazing!

Happy I was to hear her voice, happy and renewed.
“THE SECRET” my eyes caught over my shelf…They say Art is a recreation,
So there I kept for motivation, as for “THE SECRET” was long before my inspiration.

There she was, my mom so glad, and me too, for her. So I asked, what is it mom, that you want?
- “A Million Dollars for you my daughter”… Tired I was, as for hours awake searching for my new destination,
when time comes for my vacation,
on the phone, holding myself up to hear my mom’s voice, because happiness was hers to share…

“THE SECRET” for her probably misspelled… So I asked: Mom is that your dream for yourself?
Because my Dream is something else…

by Florida Angel

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I like your ending.
Your title is quite inventive - emphasizing the source from which the secret comes.
It's funny, my mother's church was a blue and yellow machine that spat out tickets with 'LOTTO' written on the side... and her dream was to win enough money to build her a house that would house her children, and their children, and future children as well... and must've spent a fortune to try and get it... To the love for our mothers! Lee
In story telling style, about creative/recreative writing, art is long - life short
a real nicd message, Karina..wonderful relationship also with your Mom
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