Poem By Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

You are my dawn
My early morning wine
The sweet smell of the promising morning
No other rose is pearly enough to give the stress if I must choose between you and one
So, I'm glad you're the symbolic missing rib of mine
You're worth the sacrifice
The reason I've chosen to survive

You are my noon
The shine that beams the pleasant colour of red red to bring out its purple in blue
The gold from its raw state that brittles with effortless brew
Your smile wipes the tears of my heart when it's at gory
And your charisma beautifies my glory
Your endearment changed my status and my story

You are the beauty I see of most difficult silhouette
The oasis I see in mountains and deserts
The golden admirable glow of the marriage between the setting sun and the sea at evening
No colours combined can match your elegance
Oh dear beau
You are the pride of my harvest
And the spoil of my conquest
My pet and my treasure
So I keep meeting up to being a man

At night?
You are my soothing relief
That calmness I once sort after after a busy day
Your words cheer me up and give me better weapon for the next day
You are my muscle and my six pack

You are truly my warmth at harmattan
No cool breeze is sweeter than your presence in the heat of the dry season
And how can I deny that your counsel helps me through the rainy days

On the table top
Your arts breathe pleasantness into my nose
And satisfies my stomach to stupor
My estate glows of beauty
And displays the characteristic touch of its empress, one made for it
Even my bed tells a good tale of you

At all weather and season, you are with me
This is to show you why in a thousand years
In a thousand years and in the life to come
I'll still choose you
You'll still be what only you can be
Ife t'emi
My own love

Comments about T'emi

beautiful words are composed by you lovely- You are truly my warmth at harmattan No cool breeze is sweeter than your presence in the heat of the dry season//// its full of love

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