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SS (26th of December 1979 / Philippines)


Poem By sweet seven

T – These three generous Treasury Staff
Who can always make me laugh,
Never get tired of correcting my wrong
And taught me how to be strong.

R – Reality hurts but need to be faced
When the news booms! I was outraged
God knows how I love the job
Luckily opportunity knocks, so I grab!

E – Every little effort extended
Should not be wasted
Oh how I wish I would be there
If you have tons of loads to bear.

A – A sweet charming & funny lady
On my birthday, she delivers a baby,
I want you to know a secret
Sometimes she is also maCOOLet

S – Straight-forward is the kind of this person
Snobbish and strict would be your first impression
But if you got to know her better
You’ll say “my needs need not to be uttered”.

U – Unusual if her smile was lost
Headache could be a possible cause,
“Please ask for a biogesic
Later in our clinic”.

R – Reminisce is all I can do
If I miss any one of you
But I want to make a bet
You loose a staff that was so cute

Y – Yet you may not see me around
Cause I’ll be working on some other ground
But before I go
I wanted you to know.....

In my heart all of you will be TREASURED FOREVER.

June 2001

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