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T’was The Night Before My Birthday (I Think)
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T’was The Night Before My Birthday (I Think)

T’was the night before my birthday
And all through the house
No one was stirring
Not even my pet mouse

All my presents were hid
Somewhere inside of there
And I couldn’t find any of them
I was surely in despair

I searched high and low
And nothing could I find
Where oh where were they hiding
I think I must be blind

I searched in the pantry
Behind all the canned stuff
Maybe my family is lying to me
Maybe it’s all a bluff

Then into the bedroom I went
Creeping mighty slow
I even looked under the mattress
As the excitement began to grow

But still there was nothing
And I was beginning to tire
Maybe this is my imagination
And I’ll wake up and be the buyer

One more time around the house
My dancing feet would take me
Hurry, hurry the days almost here
Oh, my gosh it’s a Christmas tree

Hey wait a minute this can’t be right
I thought it was my birthday
Oh my gosh how silly of me
I must be old and gray

For tis the season to be jolly
And you know what that means
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night
Sometimes a poem is not what it seems.


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