(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

T'was Then The Time...We Were In The Days'

His head full
of Irish myth.

The here & there
of this & that

bits that stick
in the mind

for as long as
forever is.

Sticky backs hitching
a ride on a boy's blue jumper.

This the emotional
archeology of me

sifting what's left
of times

long long gone by
in the time of his own

long long gone byes.

A winter of '63.

That 67-ish summer.

An Easter
that brought death.

There was a woman
(was there a woman?)

turned into a pool
turned into a fly
blown away by a wind

her name eroded
by a sea of time.

And the legendary heroes
like little boys

building a snowman
that would be the biggest

of the biggest

that the women would
compete to see

who could pee
furtherest through this

man of snow.

Some things are
not made

...to forget.

Oh such
artifacts of thoughts!

Such shards of stories
come back

to see what
kind of man

the little boy
would become.

He smiles as he remembers
& un-remembers

the such
of such

the unforgettable
calling to him

in mythic voices
the tallest tales

still easier
to resurrect

that his time
of 9

when he was going on

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